On March 7, 2019, a meteorite named “Little York”, at 12.8 cubic kilometers crashed into the Pacific Ocean. In the beginning, the World did not know that the meteorite carries the world’s new element Qzytatium (Qz) which is highly poisonous when contact with water (H2O). Due to the lack of information, the only precaution was the evacuation of people who live in coastal states. But in six months after the crash, the world faced the truth, 12% of water resources has perished swiftly and it continuous. 

After the spread of the news and gossip about the end of the earth. World tension highly increased in every nationality. Protests and raids are spread like wildfire because of the new gossip whispered through the people. In fact, it was not a gossip, three big nations, their allies, and riches were preparing for the evacuate the world before all the water runs out. Presidents of the USA, Russian Federation and PR China planning to expand their colonies in Mars. 

That’s why ADHOC has assembled a meeting in Kreuzlingen/Swiss on August 25. Will the committee be able to change these three country’s policies and work together or will they choose to leave  95% of the population behind.

Under-Secretaries-General responsible for Group of Twenty: Çağın Yılmaz

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