The War on


Crisis committees are a different version of  regular MUN committees such as the General Assembly, Human Rights Council and others.Whilst the aforementioned ones are known for their static nature and developement, crisis is more dynamic and requires delegates to have a certain level of experience. In essence, regular rules of procedure don’t apply in crisis and the topic is often very general or otherwise unknown by the delegates. 

We proudly would like to announce our Joint Crisis Committee: The War on Democracy that will handle the greatest problem in Latin America.  The slavery under the name of democracy. The coercion of sources under the name of reconstruction. The failed coup d’etat attempts while the Chilean government is held by fascist and non-democratic American-based wealthy businessmen. This conflict -which is also the beginning of the committee’s agenda-has started in 1970 when Salvador Allende won the presidency in a close three-way race with fascist politicians.

Under-Secretary-General responsible for HCC: Ceren Özbakir

Agenda Item: Open Agenda based on the war on democracy

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