United Nations

Development Programme

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) formed as an organization in 1965 to fundamentally promote sustainable development goals. Helping countries to eliminate poverty, the contribution of the economic growth, protection of the natural resources and conserving the clean environment is also taken into account at the content of UNDP to improve the quality of life. Implementation of modern technology with the fund projects, promotion of training of the employees, good governance of capital investment is also significant goals of UNDP. This largest UN Development assistance program is headed by an administrator who oversees a 36 member Executive Board representing both developing and developed countries. It is headquartered in New York City is a central metropolitan city for the member states.


UNDP is also resident representatives more than 125 developing countries help to coordinate the local activities of other UN agencies and programs as well as capable nongovernmental organizations. The UNDP also helps to supply experts to increase its capacities such as infrastructure based and for good governance by setting up appropriate political and legal institutions that are equitable, responsive, and open to public participation.

Under-Secretary-General responsible for United Nations Development Programme: Cem Kıral, Massih Bayat

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