During the 60th session of General Assembly of United Nations, establishment of a commission was discussed in the name of supporting the sustainable peace. With the reform movements UNPBC (The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission) was established. The commission’s main aim was acting precautious upon possible threats for stabilized peace and balance. In other words, when the general assembly was under the command of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, High-level Panel on threats, Challenges and Change was held. This panel discussed the possible threats and futuristic challenges and contributions of internal and external aspects of political and diplomatic factors for reaching the sustainable peace. As a resolution of this panel, establishment of a new governmental body called, United Nations Peacebuilding Commission was accepted. As an example of the recent focuses of the commission, civil society engagement and gender strategy can be examples. The working methodology of the commission was determined with the resolutions A/RES/60/180 and S/RES/1645 (2005) and UNPBC developed its own rules of procedure.

Agenda Item A: to be announced

This committee is apt for both inexperienced and experienced delegates.

Under-Secretary-General responsible for UNPBC: Derin Eryılmaz

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